Lisa (left)

About Lisa's Dumplings

Lisa was born in Northern China, and grew up cooking traditional Chinese food recipes passed down from her family. In her early 20's, Lisa decided to pursue her love of food and cooking, and opened her first of three restaurants, each serving all natural, freshly cooked meals.

Almost 20 years ago she moved to the United States and has been living out the American Dream ever since. She built a fine wine and spirits shop in Massapequa Park that was considered the best in the area. She is a founder of Panda Bubble Tea and has invested in several restaurants in Flushing, Queens.

Less than one year ago, Lisa finally opened up her very own restaurant where she could serve up her personal favorite recipes.  Her philosophy for Lisa's Dumplings is to create all natural, freshly cooked dumplings, with no artificial flavors or ingredients. Her store is an open kitchen where customers can see their dumplings being prepared right in front of them. The wrappers are hand made at the front counter, and the fillings are placed in them and then pinched closed into the perfectly formed  flavor pocket known as a dumpling. The dumplings come in a variety of flavors and are either steamed or fried. Customers stand at the counter watching the process take place in anticipation of that first savory bite.